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The Full Scoop Behind Roja Blue Film

Posted on: March 2, 2009

Roja Blue Film On Web

Roja Blue Film On The Web

Sometimes ago a blue film of Telugu mahila president and former actress Smt. Roja was wildly popular on the web. The nude movie with the name of the actress and politician shows a woman resembling Roja. The facial features and poise of the look alike woman are so similar to Roja that the people who see the film for the first time will think that it is actress Roja. This woman is seen involving in sexual activities with various men in closed rooms.

Although it is known to everybody that the blue film is morphed one, this still is a very big risk to the image of a political leader and the opposing parties have taken the advantage of this nude movie. Time and again this film keeps cropping on the web and it is said that opposition party leaders are responsible.

Recently Praja Rajyam mahila wing chief Sobha Rani, brought this up and used filthy language against Roja in a press conference.Sobha even alleged that Roja has a shady background. She also alleged that to gain ground in the film industry, Roja had “entertained” film producers and even their sons to grow as a heroine. Moreover, she said tha she runs bar in the night.

Toquote Shobha,”Roja has a dirty behavior and attire. Her brothers run belt shops in Chittoor. She is consuming liquor and dancing on the streets. We have been keeping quiet all these days; otherwise, our youth would have thrashed her long ago.”

Roja was not to be left behind. She responded in the same vein and threw mud on Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai. “Who is Sobha Rani and what is her political stature? Let her know how Pavan Kalyan had affairs with several women and also the background of Renu Desai.” She did not spare Chiru and alleged that he had illicit relations with many in film industry.

These all the episodes have made the political environment very murky and shady.

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2 Responses to "The Full Scoop Behind Roja Blue Film"

Really i can’t belive it

This has been a recent trend in india to use the modern computer technique such as morphing to insult the famous actresses and politicians . The same time use that publicity for the sale of thus produced videos . It is time for us to protest against such social evils that make a mock of our rich heritage and social relations.

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